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Shipping and Handling US, APO's, Canada
Shipping and Handling Outside US and Canada
Plain UM or Trimmed on Cling Foam?
Singles, Sheets or Sets?
How to Use Our Paypal Shopping Cart?
Alternative Payment Options
Refunds, Discounts and Other Adjustments

Shipping and Handling US, APO's, Canada:

All orders are shipped by U.S. Postal Service. Orders for U.S., APO's, and Canada and are generally sent First Class Mail Parcel or Priority Flat Rate Mailer. We try to get all orders into the mail within two working days--if there is urgency in your order please use our contact form or email or call us directly to let us know and we will do our best to meet your needs. New postal regulations to Canada and the US may result in additional postage on some orders.

If the postage charge exceeds actual postage cost by $1 or more you may request a refund of excess postage up to 30 days after placing your order. We try to catch these while processing orders, but if I miss yours, please contact me within 30 days. Refunds will be made to your Paypal account.

Due to 2016 increase in postage we have had to increase our Handling Fee = $4.00 per order. If a second order is placed before a first order is mailed, the second handling fee will be refunded. The handling fee is to cover various costs in time, money and materials associated with packaging and mailing orders. After much experimentation we have determined that the fairest way to recover these costs is through a per order handling fee. If we try to recover these costs by adding them to the price of each item, the amount we would have to add to each item would result in overcharges to all customers ordering several items.

We do not elect to charge a flat rate based on order totals as differing characteristics and the newer shape and weight based shipping structure of the US Postal Service make this option not feasible without resulting in overcharges on smaller orders.

Postage charges are in addition to the handling fee and are as listed in the item description noted as"(Postage added = $X.XX)" following the item description. The Shipping and Handling fee shown on the View Cart page includes the $3.00 per order handling fee.

Shipping and Handling Outside US and Canada:

Our shopping cart does not calculate adequate S&H for most orders to be shipped beyond the US or Canada. If you use the shopping cart to place your order we may need to contact you for additonal postage. An alternative is to place your items into the shopping cart and select View Cart on the top of any page when you are finished. Instead of completing the order, copy the View Cart page and paste it into an email to barry at artneko dot com (replace " dot " with " . " and " at " with @). When your order is ready to mail we can send you the corrected amount to be paid via Paypal. If you prefer not to use Paypal then contact us via email to see if we are able to accept a postal money order from your postal service. Please do not request that we falsify customs forms. We are happy to split orders into several smaller valued packages upon request.

Selecting Plain UM or Trimmed on Mounting Foam:

Our individual stamps are closely trimmed and all Abourt Art Accents, Art Neko and Taylored Stamps images are deeply etched red rubber manufactured in the USA. Sheets and sets are generally untrimmed, which is the main reason the collective price is less. Below the price and above the Add to Cart button there is a box which can be toggled to see the additional cost to have your stamp(s), set(s) or sheets(s) trimmed onto cling foam. The price shown is the additional fee for this service. Alternatively you can order sheets of mounting foam from us and do this process yourself if you prefer the mounting foam/acrylic block system. Be sure this item is set to the right selection before adding to your Shopping Cart.

Single Stamps, Sets or Sheets:

Most of our images are available as single images, in a set of images and/or as part of a sheet of images. Generally sheets and sets are a better value if they contain several images you would like. If there are a few in a sheet or set you can decide whether the ones you want make the sheet or set a better deal and if so you can always give away or trade the ones you didn't care to keep. To make this comparison easier for our customers we have set up our display pages to facilitate comparison. At the end of an item description there is a line of search cues. If you see a product number at the end of the string of search cues, clicking on those product numbers will take you to a page that will display the sheets or sets as well as all individual items on those sheets and sets. You can then look at the detail information for those and decide whether or not to purchase single stamps, sets or sheets with the images you want.

How to order using Paypal Shopping Cart:

After you have selected the stamp, set, sheet or other item(s) you wish to order and making sure the mounting option you want has been selected, click on the add to cart button to place the item in your shopping cart. After you have placed all the items you want into the shopping cart, click on View Cart at the top of any page and review the items in your cart. Check that the items listed are correct, that the quantities are correct and that option for unmounted or "Cling Foam - not wood" is all correct. Any stamps, sets or sheets you selected to be trimmed on cling foam will state "Cling Foam - not wood" in the listing for the item, followed by the additional fee you are being charged for the mounting service. If you want to cancel any item or change the quantity ordered you can just correct and update that on the View Cart Page. If the mounting option is not correct, you will have to remove that item, select Continue Shopping and put the item back into the Cart with the correct option. Once you have confirmed that everything is as you want it, you can follow the onscreen instructions to complete your order if you wish to pay with Paypal.

If you realize you have made a mistake or wish to add to your order after completing the order process, just email barry at artneko dot com (replace dot with " . " and replace " at " with @) or call/FAX 909-797-2002 as soon as you can so we can correct and make any necessary adjustments/refunds before your order is mailed.

Alternative Payment Options:

You can still use our shopping cart even if you wish to pay by check, money order or postal money order. Checks and money orders must be in US $$. After placing all your items into your shopping cart, you can either print out your order form (you may want two copies, one to keep and one for us) and mail it to us with your payment or copy and paste it into an email to us and send your check in the mail. If you email us we can make any adjustments for discounts, etc. and let you know the corrected amount before you mail your check. If you prefer you can skip the shopping cart and just email or send us a list of the items you wish to order. Be sure to include the postage amount listed for each item and the $3.00 handling fee for your order. Orders paid by personal check may be held until funds are verified.

Payments by by check, postal money order or money order may be mailed to:

About Art Accents
Post Office Box 8782
Redlands, CA 92375-1982

If you have any questions about ordering or about our stamps you can use our contact form by clicking Contact Us at the top or bottom of any page or call/FAX us at 909-797-2002 (Pacific Time Zone).

Refunds, Discounts and Adjustments:

To qualify for any advertised specials you must follow the stated directions, which generally will be to mention a particular word or phrase when ordering. If you forget to include that note, just email or call within a day or two of placing your order. Refunds, discounts or other adjustments for orders paid through Paypal will be processed as a refund to your Paypal account. If your refund or discount doesn't show up within a week from placing an order you might want to send us a gentle reminder. We have been known to miss these sometimes.....Adjustments on orders paid by check or money order will be handled on a case by case basis.

For orders to be shipped outside the US, please click here before ordering.
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