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Flowers, Bouquets, Botanicals and other Florals      1 to 333 of 333      

Unmounted rubber stamps of flowers or floral themed images are displayed below. Floral images that are also found in the linked categories below may not show on this page in order to reduce loading time and redundancy. If you wish to see all floral related images, please check also the links that follow. You may also enter a specific keyword in the search box above to focus your selection, for example, "rose".

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Hokusai Dragon Sheet (5)

Hokkei Swallows Sheet (7)

Gakutei & Hokkei Kimono (1)

Bellflowers (1)

China Sheet 1, Taylored Stamps, TSFSAS02

Mt. Fuji Rising Unmounted Sheet

Oriental Four Seasons Sheet

Heron Maiden Sheet

Japanese Haiku Sheet A

Japanese Haiku Sheet B

Japanese Garden Sheet I, Taylored Stamps

Chinese Papercut and Miscellaneous

Lotus Bowl and Lid

Full Sheet of Traditional Japanese Designs

Delicate Brushstroke Rose with Chinese Calligraphy

Full Sheet of 30 Japanese Haiku (Poems)

Mum, Camellia, Peony and Bamboo UM Sheet

Asian Butterfly Sheet with Crane Medallions

Bamboo Stand

Single Small Chrysanthemum

Upright Lotus

Chyrsanthemum Bunch 2

Plum Tree

Plum Blossoms

Japanese Iris

Single Papercut Mum

Plum, Mum and Bamboo Sheet

Single Plum

Papercut Chyrsanthemums

Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo and Pine Sheet

Chopstick Framed Peonies

Emperor and Empress Dolls Set

Chopstick Framed Carnations

Chopsticks Framed Fan Flowers

Chopsticks Framed Cherry Blossoms II

Two Beauties Sheet by Taylored Stamps

Stylized Chyrsanthemum Bouquet

Sprig of Sakura Flowers

Set of 3: Yin Yang and ATC Chrysanthemums

Set of 5 Favorite Images

Baroque Floral Background

Butterfly Trial Set

Set of 9 Flowered Artist Trading Cards (ATC's)

ATC: Pansies

ATC: Poppies

ATC: Bearded Iris

ATC: Hibiscus

ATC: Framed Lotus

ATC: Daffodils

ATC: Framed Chrysanthemums

ATC: Hybrid Tea Roses and Calligraphy

ATC: Asiatic Lilies

Small Fan with Vines and Flowers

Medium Fan with Flowers and a Butterfly

Wee Stylized Flower Bouquet

Kimono in Half with a Crane, a Turtle, and Flowers

Japanese Garden Scene 2

Medallion: Cranes encircling center Flowers

Triangle Accent Corner of Flowers

Framed Flowers and Leaves

Abstract Flowers and Leaves

Abstract Flowers in a Rectangle

Set 4: Pair of Day and Night Dragonflies and Flowers Framed

Flowers and Dragonflies, Day

Flowers and Dragonflies, Night

Delicate Teapot with Vining Flowers

Asian Maiden with Flowers in her Hair

Large Octagon with Flowers and Leaves

Small Octagon with Flowers and Leaves

Crescent with Flowers and Petals and a Center Medallion

Delicate Framed Fairy in a Rose Garden

Set of 4: 3 Flowers and a Good Luck Octagon

Asian Floral Set

Framed Chinese Woman with Flowers in the Background

Branch with Flowers

Large Carlotta

Small Carlotta

Set 2: Nandina, Deer, and 2 Flowers

Large Victorian Silhouette of a Girl with Flowers

Latin Lady with a Rose

Small Flowers for Mother Silhouette

Winged Fairy with a Rose

Large Girl with Bouquet of Flowers

Flowers, Ikebana Flower Arrangement, Framed Flower

Set 2: 3 Assorted Flowers

Butterfly Geisha and Flowers

Small Geisha on a Field of Flowers

Large Geisha on a Field of Flowers

Large Potted Plant with Flowers and a Butterfly

Circle Medallion of Flowers and Butterflies

Large Panda Oval with Panda Babies Playing among Bamboo and Flowers

Set of 2: Square and Round Medallions with Flowers and Butterflies

Fairies and Flowers

Fairy Among Flowers

Set of 2: Fairy Among Flowers and Text God mad Man for practice. The

Small Moongate with Ikebana Flowers and Weeping Willow

Japanese Temari Balls Among the Flowers

Hexagons and Flowers

Framed Egrets Wading among the Flowers

Trailing Flowers

Bold Free Form Leaves and Flowers Frame

Stylized Cherry Blossoms Hanging over a Pond

Handwritten Cherry in a Flowing Font

Bold Cherry Blossom Ball

Cherry Blossom and Tiger Sheet

Bleeding Heart Dicentra

Columbine Aquilegia

Hazel Nutty

Shore Pine and Cones

Thistle Head

Shore Pine Cone



Queen Anne's Lace

Silver Dollar Plant or Money Flower

Dried Thistles


Long Stemmed Rose

Gift of Sunshine


Ginkgos in Circle

Sunflower with Asian Script

Flower with Asian Poetry


Floral Logos

Potted Plant

Morning Glory Blossoms, 2 Sizes

Cherry Blossoms, 2 Sizes

Plum Blossoms, 2 Sizes


Kimono A Back

Kimono B Back

Kimono B Front

Koi No Bori and Tsunami Moon Sheet

Kimono and Hokusai Sheet

Taylored Stamps Botanicals 1

Taylored Stamps Botanicals 2

Japanese Gardens 3

Taylored Ginkgo Sheet 1

Spider Chrysanthemum

Camellia Background

Peony and Butterfly Border

Peony Square

Three Friends of Winter, Pine, Bamboo, Plum

Gasetsu Waving Iris Haiku

Onitsura Plum Bud Haiku

Onitsura Cherry Blossom Haiku

Kiichi Peony Haiku

Taigi Orchid Haiku

Buson Morning Glory Haiku

Sampu Chrysanthemums in Mist Haiku

Buson Wisteria's in Moonlight Haiku

Runko Chrysanthemums Moonbeams Haiku

Basho Orchid and Butterflies Haiku

Roses Sheet 1, Taylored Stamps

Rose Background

Couer de Rose

Love Rose

Rose Triangle

Old Fashioned Rose 2

Rose Stencil 1

7 Roses

Roses Sheet 2, Taylored Stamps

Rose Fan

Rose Inlay

Rose on Trellis

Old Fashioned Rose 3

Rose Heart

3 Roses

Flower in Square

Stencil Rose 2

Five Flower Kamon

Japanese Family Crests, Set A

Pennsylvania Dutch Lovebirds

Folk Art Heart

Animals 1, Taylored Stamps

Hiroshige Bird and Magnolia, Framed

Floral Bookmarks 1QA, Set of 4

Snowdrop Border

Maidenhair Border

Peony Border

Mum Border

Floral Bookmarks and Borders 1QB, Set of 4


Carnation Border

Morning Glory Border

Rosebud Border

Floral Bookmarks and Borders 1QC, Set of 5

Fuchsia Border

Daisy Border

Poppy Border

Single Rose Border

Iris Border

Florals 1QD, Set of 3

Single Carnation

Forget Me Not Border

Large Floral

Chrysanthemum Set

Koi and Crane Sheet

Japanese Garden Moon Sheet

Sakura Branch, Large


Large Stylized Peony

Brush Lotus

Asian Sheet 1, Taylored Stamps

Lotus in Relief

Framed Bird on Gourd Vine

Camellia and Haiku Sheet

Bamboo, Butterfly and Haiku Sheet

Framed Orchid and Calligraphy Poem

Text: White and Yellow Mums and also the moon, autumn evening

Bold Camellia Blossom in Relief

Morning Glory Blossom

Teahouse on Lily Pond

Potted Bonsai 2

Framed Lily Pads

Text...And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances...

Text: Happiness is to hold Flowers in Both Hands.

Text: It is not Rain to me, It's Raining Daffodils.

Rose Flourish

Old Fashioned Rose

Earth Laughs

Rose Monogram

Helen Hyde Sheet 2, Taylored Stamps

Floral Sheet 1 A

Floral Sheet 1 B

Daffodil Bloom

Rose in Circle

Two Daffodils

Flower Line

Holmes on Friendship

Daffodil Monogram

Text: Poor Man`s Garden

Beauty`s a Flower

Labour of Ages


Deco Daffodil

Floral Text Background

Framed Tulip


Daisy Monogram

Daisy Head

Tiny Tulip

Daisy Border

Flowers are Words

Text: Tulip with Monogram "T"

Arts and Crafts Rose

Never a Daisy Grows

Mother and Infant in Oval Window
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Little Korean Girl holding Apricot Blossoms

Small Potted Bonsai

Flower Branch

Wisteria Bridge


Peony Circle 3

Peony Circle 4

Plum Blossom Branch

Plum Blossom Kanji, 2 Sizes

Butterfly and Peony, Large Bold Silhouette

Butterfly and Peony, Small

Papercut Butterfly

Plum and Bird

Text: Silence is Golden (in languages)

Dragonfly and Peony Bold Silhouette

Framed Lotus Blossom in Bold Silhouette

Balloon Flower Square Medallion

Large Trillium

Large Wild Ginger

Fairy Bells

Yellow Skunk Cabbage

Trillium, Small

Small Yellow Skunk Cabbage

Love and Romance Sheet 1

Art Nouveau Sheet 1

Large Japanese Boy Cat Wearing a Kimono

Small Japanese Boy Cat Wearing a Kimono

Iris Kimono Stencil

Vertical Japanese Rectangular Iris Kimono Stencil, Reverse

Single Blossom Iris Kimono Stencil

Small Bold Iris Circle Silhouette

Morning Glory Bower

Cyclamen Border with Hearts


Three Roses in a Triangle

Art Nouveau Corners 1

Three Daffodils

Three Bold Iris Silhouettes

Art Nouveau Corners 2

Art Nouveau Garden

Two Iris

Set of 2: Kimono Fabric Stencil Set

Small Four Seasons Framed Images, Set of 4

Large Four Seasons Framed Images, Set of 4

Four Seasons Round Medallions, Set of 4

Chikanobu Collage Sheet 3 (COLLAGE 5)

Chikanobu 6 (COLLAGE 8)

Chikanobu Collage Sheet 3 Printed on Text Weight Paper

Chikanobu Collage Sheet 3 Printed on Med Wt Semi-Gloss Cardstock

Chikanobu Collage Sheet 3 Printed on Sticker Paper

Chikanobu Collage Sheet 5 Printed on Text Weight Paper

Chikanobu Collage Sheet 5 Printed on Med Wt Semi-Gloss Cardstock

Chikanobu Collage Sheet 5 Printed on Sticker Paper

Chikanobu Collage Sheet 6 Printed on Text Weight Paper

Chikanobu Collage Sheet 6 Printed on Med Wt Semi-Gloss Cardstock

Chikanobu Collage Sheet 6 Printed on Sticker Paper

Waterlily and Dragonfly Panels

Cherry Blossom Set 4

Mehendi Hand I

Mehendi Heartflower

Potted Flowers

Stained Glass Bookmark Floral

Stained Glass Bookmark Orchid

Stained Glass Bookmark Morning Glory

Stained Glass Bookmark Iris

Stained Glass Bookmark Set

European Town Square

Stylized Marsh Iris

Peony Border

Violet Stencil

Peony Circle, Large

Stained Glass Iris

Turkish Tile 1

Large Rose Fairy

Rose Fairy, Small

Rose Fairy, 2 Sizes

Bamboo Fan with Butterfly and Flowers

10 Flowers Fan

Birds, Flowers, Lanterns

Peony Circle II

Carp Medallion

Haiku Set 7

Haiku Set 9

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