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Full Sheet of Traditional Japanese Designs

Children`s Sheet 1 by Taylored Stamps

Flying Carp 1

Koi No Bori Text 1

Koi No Bori Text 2

Two Flying Carp

Kodomo No Hi Text

Lion Dancer

Hokusai with 5 Brushes

Koi No Bori and Tsunami Moon Sheet

Kimono and Hokusai Sheet

Skating Pair

Romance Sheet 2, Taylored Stamps

Dutch Couple

Fierce Fireman

Ninja Boy

Children`s Sheet 2, Taylored Stamps

Helen Hyde Sheet 1
(19) Unmounted Stamps

Helen Hyde Sheet 2, Taylored Stamps

Bonsai Boy
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Butterfly Toddler
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Boy With Lantern and Dog
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Umbrella Boy
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Children on Bamboo Fence

Boy With Daruma

Umbrella Boy 2

New Baby Set

Words Sheet 1, Taylored Stamps

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