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Check out the newest rubber stamps, sheets and sets added to our listing, as well as stamps that have been recombined into sets and individual stamps newly released as singles.

Silhouettes of Children (11)

Silhouette: Framed Girl beneath Chinese Lanterns (1)

Prancing Carousel Horse

Text: When the first baby laughed

Friendship of a Chimp and Rabbit

Baby Gorillas in Poses

Monkey Face

Monkey Paw holding a Pear

Monkey Paw

Ladybug Stencil

Butterfly Stencil (1)

Abstract Shapes Stencil (1)

Wine Images and Sentiments

Grapes on the Vine Collage

Text "Vintage Wines"

Kanji and Text
All the wine in the world

Wine Cask and
Grapes and Leaves

Champagne Bottle

Still Life of Grapes and Wine

Grapes and Leaves with Tendrils

Text "Wine is bottled poetry"

Corks with Wine Kanji

The definition of a good wine.

Grape Vine Frame

Framed Birds on a Flowering Branch

So many Books.
So Little Time.
Gerbera Daisies Bookmark

Diamonds and Flowers Bookmark

Butterfly and Flowers Bookmark

Bamboo and Kanji Bookmark

My Warmest Thanks Daisy Bookmark

Text: Follow Your Heart

Vintage Child with a Flower Bouquet

Peonies with Flower Kanji

"keep dreaming"

Muted Text "Breathe" with Butterflies

Bookmark Plastic Sleeves (10)

Lime Green Shredded Paper

Bright Kelly Green Shredded Paper

Gold Metallic Tissue Paper (1)

Bright Yellow Shredded Paper

Bright Royal Blue Shredded Paper

Chinese Zodiac Year of the Ram

Ram on a Background of Kanji

Girl with Pet Goat

Sumi-e Ram with Kanji
(2) Rubber Stamps

Framed Mountain Sheep and Pagoda Scene

Ram Kanji and English Text
(2) Rubber Stamps

Mom and the Kids

Year of the Ram<

Brushstroke Kid

Octagonal Year of the Ram

Octagonal Year of the Ram
(2) Rubber Stamps

Octagonal Year of the Ram
(2) Rubber Stamps

Resting Kid with Floppy Ears

Wrapped Gift Stamp and Brass Charms

Wrapped Gift Rubber Stamp and 2 Brass Gift Charms

Thanks for the Memories

With Sympathy

Sunflower with Stem

In Memory of

Bold Swirl

Stylized Medallion Small

Medallions Swirl and Stylized (2)

It's people like you...

Hearts and Flourishes

Heart Felt Thanks and Bold Heart Silhouette

Hearts and Heartfelt Thanks (2)

Saying, "Best Friends stay and help with the dishes".

Scatter Sunshine along your way.

Bouquet of Roses

Make a Memory Today! Text

Memories are Priceless

You Brighten my life.

Think of You

Flourish Squiggle with Dots

Carnation Bouquet

Japanese Kanji Sunshine with English Text

It's never too late to Live Happily Ever After

Flowers and Flourishes
Set of 5 Stamps

Alterable Box with a Matching Lid

Tube of Silicone Adhesive (Glue)

Sable Brush (1)

Plastic 6 Well Paint Palette
or Bead Sorter (1)

1" Foam Paintbrushes (3)

8 Foam Halloween Stamps

10 Silver Bookmarks

Floral Vine
Punch (1)
Martha Stewart

Layered Rings
Punch (1)
Martha Stewart

Geometric Medallion
Punch (1)
Martha Stewart

Vine Trim
Punch (1)
Martha Stewart

Monarch Butterflies
Punch (1)
Martha Stewart

Nested Petals
Punch (1)
Martha Stewart

French Scroll
Double Punch (2)
Martha Stewart

Double Loops
Punch Set (2)
Martha Stewart

Vintage Christmas

Tiger Gazing over his Shoulder

Set of 3: Leopard, Text, and Leopard Band-Aid

Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan

3 Brass Snake Charms

34 Medallions in Sizes and 1 Bookmark Border

Set of 20 Small Medallions

Set of 8 Large Medallions

Assortment of Asian Images

Yin Yang Tiger and Dragon Medallion

Framed Koi Pair in a Lotus Pond

Japanese Koi (Carp)

Chinese Man playing Instrument

Framed Zen over Water

Framed Bearded Iris and Butterfly

3 Bold Koi (Carp)

Framed Koi in a Pond with Assorted Flowers.

Framed Cranes and Kanji

Assorted Asian Buildings and Scenes

Framed Koi Silhouettes

Framed Japanese Pagoda with Pillars and a Picket Fence.

Japanese Boys Lion Dance

2 Japanese Boys playing in the yard with a pet turtle.

A Wee Ladybug on Sumi-e (Brushstroke) Grass

Framed Japanese Home with a Courtyard

Set of 2 Stamps: Japanese boys with a Lion and boys with a Turtle.

Pair of Toddler Stamps: Boy and Girl

Silhouette: Victorian Girl with a Doll

Silhouette: Victorian Boy with Teddy Bear

Set of 2 Silhouettes: Victorian Boy and Girl

Silhouette: Boy and Girl in their Best Bib and Tucker.

Silhouette: Boy pulling a Girl in a Wagon

Silhouette: Kissing Angels

Tasting the Pudding

Gorilla Mother holding her Baby

Bold Pandas and Horses

Full Sheet of Japanese Florals

Set of 4 Borders or Bookmarks

Plum Blossom Bookmark or Border

Set of 2 Daisies: Small and Medium

Set of 3 Daisies: Large, Medium, and Small

Set of 3 Daisies and Daisy Kanji

Single Large Daisy

Faux Postage Daisy

Daisy: Calligraphy and English Text

Set of Daisies in Sizes and Faux Postage (5)

Sumi-e Irises, Iris Kanji, and Artist's Chop Signature (2)

Sumi-e Brushstroke Iris and Artist's Chop

Spring Dawn Calligraphy Poem

Spring Dawn Calligraphy, Haiku Poem, and Sumi-e Iris (3)

Spring Dawn Calligraphy Poem and Spring Dawn Haiku (2)

Text: Spring Dawn Haiku Poem

Set of 2: Sumi-e Tulips and Faux Postage Tulips

Sumi-e Tulips

Faux Postage Tulips

Set of 4 Dragonflies

Charming Japanese Kokeshi Doll Faux Postage Stamps

Turquoise Shredded Paper

Sumi-e Rabbit with Rabbit Kanji and Artist's Chop

Lovely Spring Plum Blossoms on a Branch

A Family Nesting in a Cherry Tree

Kanji: Spring Rain

Japanese Kanji: Spring

Framed Santa Claus

Forever Faux Postage Santa

Set of 2: Framed Santa and Faux Postage Santa

Christmas Texts Background

Happy Holidays Word Stamp and FREE Framed Holly

Wrapped Peppermint Candy and FREE Candy Cane with Ribbon

Humorous Text: It's People Like You

Text: Heartfelt Condolences

Text: Just a note...

Framed Text: Sending you Take-Good- Care Wishes

Text: s{ick}?

Text: With Deepest Sympathy

Framed Japanese Kanji: Gratitude (Thank You)

Text: "Thank You" in Japanese and English

Set of 3 Images: Framed Gratitude, Arigato, and Thank You.

Text: Congratulations!

Text: Make a Memory today.

Framed Japanese Kanji: Condolences

Set of 2: With Deepest Sympathy Text and Framed Japanese Condolences

Set of 3 Rubber Stamps: Condolences, Sympathy, and Framed Kanji

Text: You are a blessing to me.

Saying: When I count my blessings, I count YOU twice.

Japanese Kanji: Blessing

Set of 3 Images: You are a blessing, Blessing Kanji, and I count you T

Japanese Kanji: Friend

Japanese Kanji: Kindness

Set of 4 Images; Condolences, Friend, Kindness, and Gratitude

Set of 3 Stamps: Day and Night Moon Bamboo & "moon" Text

Tsunami Moon and Text "Moon"

Set of 2: Koi in English Text and Koi Kanji (Calligraphy)

Set of 3 Images: Flying Cranes, Crane (English), and Crane Kanji

Set of 2: Lonely Moon and Moon Text

Set of 3: Koi Kanji and English Text, Artist's Chop

Oriental Horses from Asian Archives

Year of the Horse 2014

Galloping Horses

Galloping Horses

Bold Plum Blossom Branch

Chinese Lucky Bats and Clouds Medallion<

Horse Faux Postage

Chinese Papercut Horse
with FREE Matching Wee Image

Framed Chinese Horses Grazing

Brushstroke Horse with FREE Wee Horse

Picasso's Don Quixote and Friend

Set of 2 Horse Busts

Framed Horse with Bamboo
and Chinese Calligraphy

Set of 2 Images:
Framed Pastoral Scene
and Faux Postage

Large Stylized Horse

Mother Appaloosa with her Foal

Windblown Stallion

Whispering Horses

Vintage Chinese Horses

Sumi-e Horse Resting

Sumi-e Horse with Bold Mane and Tail

Shire Mare with her foal

Victorian Children and their Rocking Horse

Set of 4 Horse Medallions

Yin Yang Horse Medallion

Wee Horse Medallion

Triple Horse Medallion

Horse Medallion with Horse Kanji and English Text

Brushstroke Horse Facing Right

Wee Bold Horse Facing Left

Good Luck for the Year

Year of the Horse 2014

4 Cling Foam Mounting Sheets:
Get a 5th Sheet FREE

Herds of Galloping Horses Set

Halloween & Fall Images with Texts

Set of 4:
Candy Corn, Bat, Spider, Lucky Cat

Witch's Hat Complete with
Fuzzy Spider

Bat Silhouette

Text: I'm the Good Witch with Witch Kanji

Lucky Cat Silhouette

The Good Little Witch

Dragon in a Bubble Bath

Candy Corn

Charming Baron Von Vampire with a Bat Bow Tie

Fluffy Furry Spider

A Charming and Friendly Scarecrow

Set of 3: Wee Vampire, Candy Corn, Small Halloween Background

Siamese Cat with Brushstroke Butterfly and Cat Kanji

Set 1: Sleeping Tiger and Tiger Haiku

Set 2: Samurai Cartoon Tiger, Samurai Medallion, and Samurai Kanji

Set 7: Relaxing Tiger and Text

Text: Speak Softly and Carry a TIGER (Includes free Tiger Kanji)

Sleeping Tiger with free Tiger Kanji

Haiku: Beware the sleeping tiger...

Tiger Mom with her Baby (Free Tiger Kanji)

Text: Tiger Cub

Cartoon Samurai Tiger

Framed Tiger Lily with Latin Text and Kanji

Tiger Yin Yang with Japanese Tiger Kanji

Small Yin Yang Tiger with Japanese Kanji

Large Framed Tiger Kanji with English Text

Small Framed Tiger Kanji with English Text

Bold Brushstroke Tiger Lily

Reverse Tiger Kanji Square

Tiger Kanji

Muted Tiger Lily Blossoms

Large Fuzzy Tiger Pawprint

Large and Small Fuzzy Tiger Footprints

Bold Tiger Lily Corner

Hanafuda Cards, Small 8 Months January -April and September - December

A family of 4 Wee Birds

Working Ox

Stylized Pagoda among Weeping Willows

Large Torii Gate

Text: harmony

Set: 2 Square Flowers

Asian Man in Traditional Costume

Sakura (Cherry) Blossoms on a Branch

Japanese Doll's Head

Japanese Woman Kneeling for a Tea Ceremony

Woman with Parasol

7 Torii Gates in Sizes

Geishas, Cranes, Animals, and Flowers

Framed Geisha and Parasol Background

Set of 2: Positive and Reverse Wall Panels

Steaming food in a Chinese Wok

Set of 2: Large and Small Camellias

Small Rabbit Warren unframed

Framed Family of Egrets

Set of 2 Brushstroke Foxes, Large and Small

2 Cats: 1 Looking over his shoulder and the other taking a nap

Framed Rabbits with Calligraphy

Large Mated Pair of Cranes

State Birds and Flowers, Set 1

Santa and Papers

Set of 5 Favorite Images

Flower Sprig with Leaves

Large Leaf Medallion

Text: Created By

Happy Birthday, Vertical Text

Text: Just For You

Extra Large Muted Plum Blossoms by Moonlight

Extra Large Stylized Tree Branch

Pine Tree by Moonlight

Reverse Vining Flower Bookmark

Fern Bookmark or Border

Grandma's Sunbonnet

Hungarian Decorated Eggs Set of 20

Gomor Egg #15

Love Egg #19

Lily of the Valley Egg #3

Plough Egg #13

Metal Lunch Box Small

Wood Mounting Block 4.50" x 2.75"* (1)

Wood Mounting Block 3.75" x 4.50"*(1)

Wood Mounting Block 3.25 in x 3.00 in*(1)

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