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Puzzles and Pieces      1 to 19 of 19      

These stamps all relate to puzzles and puzzle pieces. Most are text references to puzzles or puzzlement, a few are images of puzzles and puzzle pieces and some are both.

Text: The world is a puzzle..we fit perfectly together.

It's A Puzzle to Me

Text: The Art of Simplicity is a Puzzle of Complexity.

Puzzle Border

Text: When I asked God for courage

The Thinker by Rodin

Text: hmmm...

A Few Pieces Short

Winding in a Square: All Persons are Puzzles until

Text: A Cat is a Puzzle for which there is no solution.

Bold Cat With a Missing Puzzle Piece

Puzzle Piece

Seven Question Marks

Text: There are No Extra Pieces in the Universe. (1)

Puzzle Background

Text: Friends are Like Puzzle Pieces.


Puzzle Parts

Text: We are one big family of people

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