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In this section of our catalog you can find images and items that relate to various Asian holidays and Festivals. Examples of holidays represented here are Cherry Blossom Festival, Boy's Day, and Girl's Day. In order to reduce loading times and redundancy most items displayed below are ones that do not fit into any of the following linked categories. Be sure to check out the categories below for additional items relating to various Asian holidays and festivals.

See also: Chinese Zodiac Animals and Cherry Blossom Festival

Oriental Four Seasons Sheet

Emperor and Empress Dolls Set

Japanese Garden Scene 2

Flying Carp 1

Koi No Bori Text 1

Koi No Bori Text 2

Two Flying Carp

Kodomo No Hi Text

Lion Dancer

Koi No Bori and Tsunami Moon Sheet

Kimono and Hokusai Sheet

Chinese New Year Dragon

Prosperity, Asian Calligraphy

Thai Water Festival Krathong

Issa Fall Dragonflies Haiku

Camellia and Haiku Sheet

Text: So many Memories flood my mind- Cherry Blossoms

Helen Hyde Sheet 2, Taylored Stamps

Boy With Daruma

2 Daruma

Koi Nobori: Traditional Japanese Carp Kites

Kabuto Helmet

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