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On this page and the linked pages you will find our images that relate to things living or growing in rivers, lakes, oceans, ponds, marshes and streams and these environments. These images include animals, scenery and aquatic plants. Most items showing below are aquatic environment images that do not fit into any of the other linked categories in the next paragraph. This has been done in order to reduce page loading times and redundancy items with motifs with similar themes. Be sure to also check the links below to find additional aquatic environment design elements. You may also enter a keyword in the search box above to focus your selection on a more specific search term, for example, "water-lily".


Aquatic Animals and Marine

Hokusai Dragon Sheet (5)

Bridge at Jojiu-in, Small

Garden of Jojiu-In, Large

Japanese Haiku Sheet A

Japanese Garden Sheet I, Taylored Stamps

Full Sheet of 30 Japanese Haiku (Poems)

Charming Monkey Reaching for the Moon

Two Beauties Sheet by Taylored Stamps

Tei-Ami Garden

Tei-Ami Garden 2

Stone Lantern on Pond

Koraito, Korean Tower

Tsunami Moon

Kimono A Front

Kimono A Back

Mr. Toad

Petro Frog

Coqui Frog, Set of 2

Coqui Frog, Large

Silly Snails 3 sizes (3)

Silly Snail, Large

Silly Snail, Small

Outlined Dragonflies in Sizes (3)

Set of 3 Identical Dragonflies in Sizes

Koi No Bori and Tsunami Moon Sheet

Kimono and Hokusai Sheet

Garden Friends With and Without Wings

Beach, Asian Calligraphy

Japanese Fisherman

Japanese Fishing Boat Silhouette

Text: "Sand" in Asian Calligraphy

Izen Milky Way Haiku

Buson Water Lilies in Rain Haiku

Kyorai Weeping Willow Haiku

Japanese Family Crests, Set D

Children`s Sheet 2, Taylored Stamps

Lantern on Lake

Teahouse on Lily Pond

Drum Bridge

Framed Lily Pads

Helen Hyde Sheet 1
(19) Unmounted Stamps

Horseback Ride



Framed Lotus Blossom in Bold Silhouette

Large Great Blue Heron

Small Great Blue Heron

Waterlily and Dragonfly Panels

Historic Abbey Vineyard

Stylized Marsh Iris

Haiku Set 2

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