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The items below can be used in cards or other art you make for members of your family--Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Births or just to let them know how much you love and support them--that they are an important part of your life.

Asian Beauties 5

Roses Sheet 1, Taylored Stamps

Happy Mother`s Day

He Who Loves Never Grows Old

Duty of Love

Kind Words

Romance Sheet 3, Taylored Stamps

Puzzle Sheet (21)

Text: The world is a puzzle..we fit perfectly together.

Winding in a Square: All Persons are Puzzles until

Text: There are No Extra Pieces in the Universe. (1)

Text: We are one big family of people

Helen Hyde Sheet 1
(19) Unmounted Stamps

Helen Hyde Sheet 2, Taylored Stamps

Chinese Father and Child
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Mother and Child in a
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Mother and Infant in Oval Window
(1) Unmounted Stamp

Rainy Stroll

Chinese Mother and Infant

Horseback Ride

New Baby Set

Words Sheet 1, Taylored Stamps

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