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Quilting, Painted Eggs, Decorative Knots and Other Folk Arts      1 to 29 of 29      

The images below represent various folk arts--quilting, decorative knots and easter egg decoration to name a few.

Large Set of 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals

Lotus Bowl and Lid

Flying Carp 1

Koi No Bori Text 1

Koi No Bori Text 2

Two Flying Carp

Kodomo No Hi Text

Lion Dancer

Lion Mask 1, Set of 2

Lion Mask 2, Set of 2

Tribal Mask 3, Set of 2

Lion Mask 3, Set of 2

Northwest Native American Masks

Star and Lightning Cat

Star and Heart Cat

Quilted Cat

Koi No Bori and Tsunami Moon Sheet

Tribal Masks

Primitives 1

Pennsylvania Dutch Lovebirds

Folk Art Heart

Quilt Set 1, Solids

Quilt Set 2, Outlines

Quilt Block Sets, Outline and Solid

Asian Floral Pear

Peony Circle II

Shafts of Rice
in a Circle

Pine, Bamboo, and Plum

Shi Shi Dog

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