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Words, Phrases, Quotes, Poems .... Regarding Animals      1 to 69 of 69      

Unmounted rubber stamps of animal names as well as words, phrases and quotes about animals are located here. Enter a keyword in the search box above to focus your selection.

SEE ALSO: Chinese Zodiac Animals for additional animal related words and phrases.

Japanese Haiku (Poem) Plate

Japanese Haiku Sheet A

Japanese Haiku Sheet B

Large Set of 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals

Full Sheet of Traditional Japanese Designs

Full Sheet of 30 Japanese Haiku (Poems)

Asian Butterfly Sheet with Crane Medallions

Butterfly Trial Set

Dragonfly on a Rock

Text: In its eyes are mirrored Far-off mountains. Dragonfly!

Tombo, Dragonfly in Asian Script

Tombo, Dragonfly in Asian Script, Small

Words Sheet 4, Taylored Stamps

Seashell in Asian Calligraphy

Poem: To Find a Seashell

Issa Dragonfly Haiku

Kikaku Marching Cranes Haiku

Reikan Butterfly Haiku

Issa Butterfly Reincarnation Haiku

Basho Nightingale Song Haiku

Issa Fall Dragonflies Haiku

Basho Bamboo and Cuckoo Haiku

Basho Orchid and Butterflies Haiku

Basho Shimmering Dragonfly Haiku

Cats Sheet with Humor 1, Taylored Stamps


The Smallest Feline

No Ordinary Cats

Cocteau on Cats

Cat Set 1, 2 Cat Words and 2 sets Pawprints

Cat Puzzle Set

Year of the Rat Sheet

Animals 1, Taylored Stamps

Horse Text

Cricket Script


Horse Character (Calligraphy)

Year of the Boar Sheet

Koi and Crane Sheet

Japanese Koi Kanji


Crane Kanji

Text: Crane

Camellia and Haiku Sheet

Bamboo, Butterfly and Haiku Sheet

Text: Cuckoo, through immense bamboo groves, the moonlight

Text: The coming of Autumn determined by a Red Dragonfly

Text: Even when chased it Pretends Not to Hurry, the Butterfly

Text: Each time the wind blows the butterfly finds a new home on the w

Puzzle Sheet (21)

Text: A Cat is a Puzzle for which there is no solution.

Year of the Dog Sheet, Taylored Stamps

Chinese New Year Sheet by Taylored Stamps

Tsuru, "Crane" in Asian Script

Tsuru, Crane in Asian Script, Small

Cho, Butterfly in Asian Script

Cho, Butterfly in Asian Script, Small

Large Japanese Kanji: Neko = Cat

Neko = Cat (Kanji) Small

Set: White Heron with Bird Kanji

Year of the Rooster with FREE Text

Falling Blossom

Haiku Set 1

Haiku Set 3

Haiku Set 7

Haiku Set 8

Haiku Set 9

Haiku Set 10

Haiku Set 5

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